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Catwalk Videos

My EgyptA journey to the East. Sacrament, sensuousness and startlingly vivid colours in a perpetual dance among austere geometry and delicate female curves pervade these creations.
OrchideaThe Orchidea collection is distinguished for the surrealistic breath that exalts the female silhouette, preserving its delicate femininity.
Calles CollectionFeminine lines, geometric cuts as well as alternating vivid and soft colour shades prevail in Calles collection along with innovative silk weaves. The female personality flourishes into a bouquet of style and finesse.
AtlantidaOverflowing mystery originating in an elemental land alternates with strict, earthly shades in a prelude of feminine lines and bold cuts, introducing the Atlantida collection.
Gallactic ButterflyExtragalactic inspired creations weaving together the threads of imagination and reality into a transparent veil of dreams. Asymmetric lines and strict sculptural elements compose the character of this collection.
Surya NamaskaraInspired by the enchanting route through the unique lines of a yoga positioned body, this collection skillfully combines unconventional fabric selections with enticing colours.